Buy Active Instagram Followers

The best websites to Buy Active Instagram Followers in 2016

The best websites to Buy Active Instagram Followers in 2016

Instagram is one of the most used worldwide photo sharing services, and therefore everyone is continually looking for new ways to use it beyond the official application. And KeyFeed makers have come up with a very original way: through self iOS keyboard.

After installing the application, which KeyFeed offers us it is a third-party keyboard can be configured as any other in the style of SwiftKey. But that keyboard keys do not appear, otherwise we will see our cover Instagram directly with the photographs published our friends.

We can navigate through these photographs horizontally sliding your finger, including descriptions of each image. If you click once on them the link to share this image appears. If you click twice, the mark with me like. Come on, it can serve almost almost like a fully functional client.

The idea is that KeyFeed can be very useful for all those who are continually sharing Instagram content, because it allows to view and send links to your photos from any application. Simply invoke the keyboard and ready, it’s as if we had already implemented multitasking iOS 9. The application is completely free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Surely many times, more than one, have you wondered why no application able to upload photos directly to your Instagram account from the Mac Well, now we do have a. Uploader for Instagram.

The application developed by Anobot LLC allow you to upload photos from your Mac directly. Even add some extras as a 47 filters, upload those images without breaking their proportion or whatever they captured through the iSight camera.

Available on the Mac App Store, priced at 4.99 euros and the need OS X 10.8 or higher, Uploader for Instagram app will be for many a year. Another thing is that you are among those who believe that upload photos that are not taken directly to your iPhone Instagram is not interesting.

The photo collages are a trend that takes time seated on Instagram and heat of which have proliferated in the App Store countless tools to combine multiple images into one. Now we have to add one more, but I have no doubt that soon will be the most popular of them all.

And it’s called Layout like Hyperlapse, it has been created by Instagram as a separate app with which give wings to creativity in the popular social network. His greatest virtue? Simplifying a process that in itself was quite simple but now borders on the ridiculous. If you have used other apps for collages you will remember that it is customary to choose a template and then go assigning photographs to each space. Layout you flip the process starting directly from our reel and creating for us a series of dynamic templates to suit the number of images you select.

The app, initially available only for iOS with Android version announced for later this year, also has a few characteristics that are worth highlighting. First, replacing the usual selection screen images from the reel iOS 8 Layout presents its own interface with face detection algorithm to sort photos from our iPhone into three tabs: All, Faces and recent.

Furthermore, beyond the usual limited to generate composite images, we also find a tool to flip horizontally or vertically the selected image and create, for example, impossible landscapes that seem taken from a film by Christopher Nolan. I hope you like, because you’re going to see millions of these from now …